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UCM General Arthur J Wade

SKU: DZC-21027

General Wade is one of the rare breed of UCMA officers with decades worth of real, frontline experience. His experience and leadership style makes General Wade a formidable asset to the UCMA whenever precision strikes are preferred to massed engagements. His daring dropship assaults and widespread use of armoured units to deliver surgical hammer-blows to the enemy's weakest point have only increased his growing reputation as a skilful and daring commander.

General Wade previously preferred to take to the battlefield in specifically modified armoured vehicles not originally designed for command roles, such as the Gladius. Recently, he has been selected to take part in the testing program for the experimental Broadsword Super-Heavy tank, a chance this most combat-hungry of generals has leapt at. The Broadsword offers superlative protection and killing power in a lightweight, orbital-drop capable package - a perfect match for one of the UCM's most decorated and aggressive frontline commanders.

Rules and background for General Wade can be found in Reconquest: Phase 1.

Rules and background for the Broadsword can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2.



This model is comes with 4 unique command cards to represent General Wade's abilities on the battlefield.

One Model per blister

10mm Scale
Length: 87mm (gun forwards)
6 Resin/White Metal Components4 Command Cards

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

  • Product Information

    Dropzone Commander models are made from either Resin, Moulded Plastic or White Metal (Pewter). All models will require assembly and painting.

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