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Relthoza Planetary Defence Group

Few races think of assaulting a Relthoza world - and the harsh planetary conditions they favour are just one reason for that. The Weaver Battle Station and Ummidia Defence Platforms are two more. The Relthozan mastery of fold-space technology means an apparently undefended research station, or world rich in minerals, may suddenly be shared with the fearsome profile of the Weaver – bringing its nanite-laced brand of death with it.

In other systems, Ummidia Platforms sit silently, cloaked in nanotechnology and filled with immature K’ss’ark warriors, all eager to prove their worth through the glory of martial combat with alien invaders. The prize must be great for commanders to risk this fate upon their attacking forces.

1 Weaver Class Battle Station
4 Ummidia Defence Platforms

Brand New In Box
Resin/metal models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
  • Product Information

    Models are made from either resin, pewter, or a combination of the two. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Some preparation work may be needed before assembly. We recommend that resin models are washed before painting.

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