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Prefecture of Ryu Starter Set (5)

The Dragon Clan won the rights to colonize the Westward Isles in a series of duels with their rivals, the Shiho Clan. However, when the Emperors vessel expired, and his young heir too young and inexperienced to concern himself with the pretty disputes at the fringes of his lands, the promise of sole settlement rights died with him. The newly formed Prefecture of Ryu found themselves yet again in conflict with their old enemies, the Shiho Clan. Now, the Prefecture’s grasp of power is weakened, due to the recent Tsunami. Their forces are in disarray, they are fighting on all fronts in the aftermath of the disaster. But still the men and women of the Dragon are ready to take their place at Destiny’s table, uniting the human world by defending it against all threats.

This starter set contains:

Five finely sculpted pewter minatures:
Hiro Takashi
Hanso, Ashigaru Gunso
Ryu Yarimen
Five 30mm round bases

Brand New
Metal models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
  • Handy Tip

    All Bushido kits are made from white metal (pewter). We recommend washing parts in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly before assembly.

    Some parts may require preparation for accurate assembly. Superglue required (not supplied).

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£26.96Sale Price